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BMW Gets eSIM Management Solution

BMW‘s Connected Drive Services gets flexibility and high security with G+D Mobile Security‘s management system

BMW, one of the world’s biggest-selling luxury car manufacturers, is also one of the industry‘s most innovative and tech-focused companies, setting standards even beyond the auto industry. G+D Mobile Security is now supporting the Bavaria-based auto giant by delivering a secure system solution for its vehicles.


Stefan Auerbach

The project is a huge step for G+D Mobile Security as a trusted partner to the automotive industry


G+D Mobile Security has a strong relationship with BMW, reflected in the fact that it is now a Trusted eSIM management partner for the car maker – and since July 2016 its Connected Drive Services vehicles have included G+D Mobile Security technology. The new generation of SIM cards is no longer confined to a particular country or to any one mobile operator. Flexibility is now the name of the game, and rather than SIMs installed in several pieces of technology in a single vehicle, one eSIM can be used for a multitude of countries and mobile network operators. In addition, via a secure, in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, the eSIM provides high-speed LTE access for up to ten devices, without using individual SIMs.

“The project is a huge step for G+D Mobile Security as a trusted partner to the automotive industry,“ explained Stefan Auerbach, member of the Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security management board. “Thanks to eSIM management, we are in a position to fulfill the challenging, dynamic requirements of the automotive industry.“

The core of the eSIM management system is that it provides a secure virtual identity, which is only activated after BMW ships the vehicle. Moreover, its subscription management reduces complexity, because BMW simply downloads a country-specific subscription over-the-air. The result is excellent network coverage for BMW, as well as wide-ranging intelligent services and apps that can be used for providing information or entertainment.