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Exciting Times ahead for Seamless Experiences Using Wearables

We are moving into interesting times as wearable technologies are now more able to deliver increasingly seamless experiences in our daily lives.

G+D Mobile Security are now offering wearable solutions to support a wide range of applications for payments, health and sports, logical and physical access, and even car security. These solutions have been developed for hardware, software and services. The wearable solutions range from passive wearables to active and connected, fully functional wearables integrated with relevant service providers to enable payments, access and authentication. We are working with partners to create exclusive packages.

The war of the wrist and the emergence of wearable payment solutions

Having delivered the payment technology for smart wristbands, such as the Chinese smart band ‘JiePay’, or smart watches, such as the ‘Swatch Bellamy’, and the connectivity for the ‘Samsung Gear S2’, G+D Mobile Security has established itself as one of the leading players in the market for smart wearables. As well as tech companies such as Samsung aiming to provide wearable payment solutions, many financial companies have also recognised the importance of offering solutions where their users are active. Rittenhouse Payment Solutions and G+D Mobile Security for example have created a wearable payments wristband. Todd A. Wrubel, CEO of Rittenhouse Payment Solutions explained their reasons for partnering to create a wearable payments option. “By bringing together G+D Mobile Security’s product development and security expertise and Rittenhouse’s prepaid solutions and channels we fulfil a demand for wearables and  challenge the prepaid market.”

Wearable Computing Device Shipments by Type

(Million pieces) Source: IDC

Samsung Gear S3 partnership

Recently Samsung partnered with G+D Mobile Security for the launch of the Gear S3. US customers of T-Mobile and AT&T received a high-end smartwatch allowing out-of-the-box connectivity, and a designed embedded SIM module. This project is a significant milestone in G+D Mobile Security’s consumer eSIM strategy, demonstrating eSIM management market leadership. It also further strengthens the relationship with Samsung as the leading smartphone vendor globally.


G+D Mobile Security’s product development and security expertise and Rittenhouse’s prepaid solutions and channels … fulfil a demand for wearables and challenge the prepaid market.

Todd A. Wrubel, CEO of Rittenhouse Payment Solutions


STMicroelectronics, G+D Mobile Security and FitPay join forces

The companies have created the first secure hardware and software product for use by device manufacturers aiming to develop integrated payments with MasterCard or Visa. The goal is to break down barriers to implementing card payments on mobile devices, and enable wearable device OEMs to concentrate on product development. This product gives consumers the flexibility to load multiple payment cards from various banks and from different payment networks onto a wearable device, making contactless payments independent of the end-device‘s operating system.

“Wearable devices are transforming the payment experience, and FitPay, STMicroelectronics, and G+D Mobile Security are making it easier to develop payment-enabled wearables,“says Michael Orlando, CEO of FitPay. “This reference design from ST demonstrates a fully integrated payment solution for manufacturers.“

Simon Cocking