Cellular Automotive Connectivity: Fast. Secure. Efficient.

16th March 2018

Cellular Automotive Connectivity:  Fast. Secure. Efficient.

The secure M2MD Communications Gateway provides the ability to instantly connect to a vehicle. User experience is significantly improved without sacrificing security.

With the M2MD Communications Gateway, you can access your car from your mobile phone without the wait. Today‘s connected cars require 30 – 45 seconds on average to receive a mobile command.  M2MD and G+D have reduced that communication time to a few seconds. Quite the benefit when you‘re waiting in the rain for your car to unlock!

Improved User and Automaker Experience

The M2MD Communications Gateway is a cloud‐based technology that enables the driver to control access to their vehicle quickly and easily through an app on their smart device. The software establishes a secure connection within seconds – about 10 times faster than today’s connection speeds. The solution has a built‐in Quick Connect “wake‐up” technology, which requires negligible power consumption from either the vehicle or the device. The car is in an ‚always ready‘ state as opposed to being ‚always on‘ which more quickly drains the battery.

The secure M2MD Communications Gateway is a complex set of code integrated into the mobile network and communication modules yet delivers three simple benefits to the automotive industry: security, speed, and lower costs.

– Chuck Link, President and CTO of M2MD Technologies

The M2MD Communications Gateway benefits at a glance

The solution allows automakers to:

• ­quickly connect to the vehicle
• ­execute commands more rapidly
• ­effectively manage costs

QuickConnect also uses very little mobile data to establish the link. The M2MD Communications Gateway uses symmetric cryptography which does not require data heavy keys and certificates. While a single vehicle must manage only a single connection, on the backend, manufacturers must handle thousands of connections. Symmetric encryption requires far less computing time which greatly reduces the load on the backend server – and the cost to manage the connectivity services.

Improved Security

The secure M2MD Communications Gateway merges M2MD’s proprietary security solutions with G+D’s expertise in encryption, key management, and highly secure hosting capabilities. G+D’s market leading M2M SIM expertise and fully redundant and secure data centers ensure the highest level of security and data privacy for car manufacturers and their customers.

How it works

The M2MD Communications Gateway is optimized to provide a unique, cloud‐based platform that strengthens data transmission security and the speed of initiating communications between the vehicle and the automaker’s preferred telematics platform. Enhanced security is driven by a patent pending solution integrating the best 3GPP wireless communication security with standard TLS 1.2. For improved connectivity, the solution instantly triggers a network initiated data session to the vehicle, resulting in an immediate response to complete requests for remote control functions (e.g. remote vehicle start).

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