G+D Mobile Security and IBM Team up to Deal with Car Hackers (Update)

13th September 2017

G+D Mobile Security and IBM Team up to Deal with Car Hackers (Update)

The importance of secure mobile data and accurate user identification.

Looking at our world of interconnected things many have wondered what will be the next transformational tool, after previous significant moments such as the radio, the pc, and the smartphone. The autonomous connected car may well be the next transformational device in our lives. We are already seeing the rapid development of driverless technology, hand in hand with the explosive increase in the number of connected devices in the internet of things. It is not inconceivable that very soon our car will be our device for transport, communication, entertainment and our financial dealings. Naturally the question of digital security will then be fundamental to any viable products that are released. G+D Mobile Security and IBM have entered into a very interesting collaboration to attempt to anticipate both this new need and the challenges it will pose. At the IAA New Mobility World in Frankfurt on September 14–24, the companies will demonstrate how the IBM QRadar security intelligence platform and G+D’s Secure Software Update Platform can cyber‐shield connected cars.

Update: Vehicle security in action

G+D Mobile Security and IBM Team up to Deal with Car Hackers

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An ever changing battle between hackers and security providers

The war between hackers and those looking to provide secure solutions is an ongoing battle as the technology evolves. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and are using more creative and imaginative ways to try and take control of devices that are not theirs. Fortunately by partnering with IBM, G+D Mobile Security is at the cutting edge of a new approach that seeks to draw on pattern detection to help identify if an attack is happening and to then formulate a response. To this goal we are placing monitoring profiles and rules for G+D automotive security service operations i.e. in‐vehicle software update and remote service access control according to their digital identities. The gathered data includes events, threats, and risk data that is then securely forwared to IBM security intelligence platform to leverage the benefits of big data analysis from more than just that particular car’s information. In this way broader attack patterns can be evaluated to then facilitate car makers to determine a specific strategy and response for the individual car or fleet in question.

G+D Mobile Security developing proactive solutions to protect your data

It is an exciting time, and interesting to see that companies like G+D Mobile Security are already proactively partnering with relevant big data focussed companies to develop potential personalised solutions that may avoid problems before they even occur. As we have more and more of our data, communications and personal and financial information in one place this is a solution that will evoke interest in many people looking to reduce the risks of moving into an increasingly connected world.

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