Increasing Connected Car Security

8th April 2016

Increasing Connected Car Security

G&D technology and innovations are at the forefront of the connected society. And with increasing millions of connected cars being shipped across the world every year, this means protecting your cars from being hacked.

The integration of cars into our connected society is now a reality, and the near future will further increase this fact. Today’s intelligent vehicles provide a broad range of technical features. The technologies involved offer drivers unprecedented convenience and value‐added services – perfect for carmakers eager to improve brand loyalty and customer retention. But it is clear that connectivity and convenience cannot be traded for security.

By 2020, around 92 million cars will be shipped across the globe, which will include an estimated 69 million new ‘connected cars’.

The scale and depth of the security required can be gleaned from the fact that around 72 million cars were shipped globally in 2014. By 2020, around 92 million cars will be shipped across the globe, which will include an estimated 69 million new “connected cars”. Therefore, top‐of‐the‐range and scalable security solutions are of paramount importance to the future of the industry.  Up to now, cars have been more designed for safety rather than for security. Because of increasing connectivity, cars are prone to attacks, and not just locally, but also remotely, from anywhere. London’s Metropolitan police released figures in 2014 that showed almost half of all vehicle thefts in London were down to hacking.

G&D works on solutions to raise the level of security on new vehicles to something comparable to the high level drivers nowadays expect of safety standards. As the leading company in car connectivity and security, G&D secures vehicles in several, scalable ways. The first level of security is via in‐car embedded SIM modules, which also give each car a unique identity. G&D’s eSIM management solution offers flexibility in terms of connectivity and enables services such as telematics, car sharing and pay as you drive insurance models.

Increasing Connected Car Security

End‐to‐end encryption

The second level of security is G&D’s secure gateway, which enables the secure communication within and outside of the vehicle. The gateway comes with a policy management ensuring authorized access to sensitive data. Privacy and integrity of the driver and his data have to be protected at all times. All this important data may be provided in a secure data cloud. It allows the end‐to‐end encryption of all communication from and to the gateway. For instance, if a software update is due, the gateway approves digital signatures or data before installation.

Of course, none of this would be pertinent without the requisite all‐encompassing security apparatus to protect users’ cars and their data, which is where G&D is also in front. Eight of the world’s leading car manufacturers use G&D’s embedded SIM solutions. G&D’s secure gateway technology will monitor and detect intrusions from all directions and all types of networks. Furthermore, it provides central control access to regularly update security and software, and it protects from contamination by malicious code or unauthorized software.

The digital transformation of the automotive industry implicates a shift from the traditional focus on physical safety towards IT security. In addition, similar developments are also very much on the radar of the world’s largest tech companies – Google’s much‐discussed driverless car is only the most currently talked‐about example.

Scalable solutions

These developments in vehicle connectivity appear to be welcomed by drivers. A variety of futuristic‐seeming use cases capture the public’s imagination – from car‐to‐x communication, value added services based on the intelligent link of information, the car buying its own fuel or the car as a unique experience world on its own. But with adding more and more of these features IT security is becoming a key feature drivers demand. G&D is the leading player in the emerging automotive SIM and eSIM management market with a competitive portfolio for scalable security solutions  to secure connected cars, driver identities and automotive services. Beyond that, G&D safeguards the requirement for increasing connectivity and security of the consumer’s data in their cars without a trade‐off in convenience.

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