América Móvil Pairs up With G&D Device Management

10th April 2016

América Móvil Pairs up With G&D Device Management

América Móvil trusts G&D to deliver the best Mobile Device Management solution that addresses the complexity of their organization and needs.

The largest mobile network operators require the best, most efficient and innovative solutions. And América Móvil, the third largest operator on the planet, with its Telcel subsidiary holding around 79 percent of the market share in Mexico, faces the following challenges.

It is reported that in 2016 alone, the company is aiming to increase its numbers of subscribers by an additional 100 million, to total more than 300 million, boosted by revenues predicted to grow annually by six to eight percent.

When América Móvil was looking for a mobile device management system to help further unlock revenue growth potentials, make significant savings and retain customers, they wanted to combine such demands with a high‐performing technological platform.

G&D’s MDM has the world’s best device recognition rate, at 99 percent, which provides the basis for the system’s successful operation. Such a recognition rate is vital for América Móvil and Telcel in light of plans to migrate from 2G and 3G to 4G. With G&D having the best Terminal Capabilities Repository system on the market, América Móvil knew it would have the technology and expertise with which to carry out its systems upgrade.

Why América Móvil Chose G&D’s MDM

Device Recognition

Its 99 percent device recognition rate is a big plus factor. It has been deployed in 60 MNOs and 1 billion devices.

Ease of Use

Its “out‐of‐the‐box” usage with set up is as easy as the subscriber tapping “next” … and that’s it.


MDM drives subscriber loyalty and provides feedback, plus analysis on users preferences, pushing loyalty further.

Hub strategy

In order to migrate to 4G, better customer data plans and networks that do not overload are of paramount importance. G&D is providing these but also decreased technical costs by implementing its “hub strategy”. Automatic device detection across the networks and automatic prepaid profile updates underpin configuration and detection requirements.

Planning and attention to detail were at the forefront when G&D experts discussed developments with technology committee counterparts, plus chief architects, engineering managers, purchase/procurement leaders and chief marketing officers.

In addition, integral to the MDM system is its Mobile Analytics. With this running, accurate data mining becomes possible, which means that a plethora of valuable information can be collected, collated and put to use. Data on smartphone usage is one example, as are device capabilities and roaming behavior.

Customized reports

The system will provide comprehensive reports on subscriber devices. Similarly, customized reports will become available, with information on network architecture and the potential flexibility to adapt to third‐party architecture when necessary. On top of this, the MDM platform’s extensive set of functionalities and modules provide top performance and services – for example, with Wi‐Fi offload, advanced firmware management, and LTE for device roaming in both Columbia and Peru.

Substantial cost reductions

Building on around 60 live systems, G&D continues to show why it is the leading provider of MDM platforms around the world. América Móvil selected G&D on the basis of its knowledge and expertise. By the end of March 2016, G&D was in the process of system implementation.

América Móvil in Brief


Though its main business area is Latin America, it has a presence in 18 countries in the Americas, added to a further seven countries across Europe.


The company reports it has an impressive 289 million mobile customers and more than 21 million TV subscribers.


The company has eight satellites, with the latest launched in July 2015. It also has 48 transponders, which are used for television and a range of other services.

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