DOCOMO & Telefonica Brasil Subscribe to eSIM Technology

7th April 2016

DOCOMO & Telefonica Brasil Subscribe to eSIM Technology

In October 2015, Japan’s largest mobile network operator, NTT DOCOMO, INC., launched a partnership with Telefonica Brasil S.A. (Vivo) that focuses on an embedded subscription identity module. This eSIM solution enables M2M devices to work on Brazil’s Vivo network.

DOCOMO also partners G&D

NTT DOCOMO is also a close partner of G&D, seen by the announcement in July 2014 that the giant Japanese firm chose the company’s subscription management system for the country’s first commercial eSIM service. In the new agreement with Telefonica Brasil, DOCOMO has annonced that its eSIM will enable “M2M devices to use a single embedded SIM with a phone number which can be changed over‐the‐air to certain mobile operators.” This will then allow companies to “remotely manage connectivity with mobile operators without having to replace the SIM cards in their devices.”

Flexible subscription management

G&D provides DOCOMO with a secure and flexible subscription management for remote and over‐the‐air solutions on embedded SIMs. DOCOMO, Japan’s first mobile provider to provide an eSIM solution to a mobile operator outside of Japan, uses a single embedded SIM to allow M2M devices to be accessed over the air. Underpinned by G&D technology and innovations, companies can now remotely manage thier connectivity without the bother of replacing SIM cards in their devices.

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