G+D Mobile Security and Accanto join forces to boost customer satisfaction

12th May 2017

G+D Mobile Security and Accanto join forces to boost customer satisfaction

G+D Mobile Security and Accanto partnership ensures analytics and automation will further lift customer service quality and customer satisfaction.

With the explosion of Internet services and usage, the importance of service quality has become paramount. This means that customers nowadays expect high‐speed, always‐on connectivity – without failure or outages.

A central theme for mobile network operators (MNOs), therefore, is the provision of network services availability matching customer expectations and requirements. Focusing on this helps to increase customer satisfaction with an associated reduction in the churn of customers, supports attracting new customers, and means taking proactive action to identify issues and make network improvements as early as possible. When successful, both customer satisfaction and revenues rise.

Service‐quality management and analytics

G+D Mobile Security has teamed up with Accanto Systems, specialists in network analytics, automation and service‐quality management, in order to further raise the bar in online customer experience & network‐quality management. G+D Mobile Security extensive portfolio of software solutions for connectivity management perfectly intersects with Accanto’s platform for service‐quality management and analytics. Together, this enables mobile operators to optimize their network and connectivity performance in real‐time through greater operational insight, and leveraging mobile and SIM gathered metrics.

Improving NPS

A key measurement tool companies use to gain knowledge about their customers’ opinions of their services is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For MNOs, the quality of experience of the network services offered contributes 40% of the NPS. Recent research, however, suggests that while Amazon, for instance, attains an overall NPS of 69%, operators score a low 13%. Clearly, therefore, there is huge scope for improvement. NPS is a good indication of satisfaction, which directly impacts churn.

Real‐time data

In analyzing device & customer behavior, network coverage and traffic patterns, for example, the Accanto platform determines a subscriber quality of experience value, in real‐time. This allows the MNO to target problem resolution or optimizations based on real customer experience, and in locations where they are most impacted.

By predicting operational issues using advanced analytics and automating actions, problems can be identified & resolved quickly and in a cost‐optimal manner, resulting in a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Leveraging trend information, attractive offers, tariff plans and services can be created and marketed in line with customer behavior, increasing the stickiness of the customer relationship. Additionally, the availability of the valuable real‐time quality data, combined with advanced analytics, allows continual enhancement of the network quality & customer experience based on real usage data. In a highly competitive environment, this enables the operator to further differentiate and remain competitive in the market.

Meeting the expectations of today’s customers

“With its global footprint and state‐of‐the‐art solutions, a partnership with G+D Mobile Security enables Accanto to further leverage our expertise and extend our reach to active players in the IoT and connected society,” said Jarkko Multanen, CEO at Accanto Systems. “Together, we look forward to helping these companies meet the expectation of today’s customers.”

Carsten Ahrens, CEO, Mobile Security at G+D Mobile Security, said: “The partnership with Accanto Systems enriches our portfolio of solutions for improving the subscriber experience and provides our customers with a strong differentiator that helps them reduce churn, control investments and generate new revenues.” He went to explain how “Accanto Systems is uniquely positioned in the service‐quality management market to offer a real‐time view of networks and connectivity performance.”

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