MNOs at Heart of Licentio ID

10th April 2016

MNOs at Heart of Licentio ID

Registering and logging in to so many websites can be a time‐consuming and frustrating experience. G&D’s solution is easy authentication that makes customers’ mobile experience a great one.

Market research shows that all of us have around 25 passwords to remember, while 30 percent of consumers decline online banking because of online security concerns. Added to this, around 50 percent of cyber attacks are caused by illegitimate authentication; and 62 percent of customers are said to quit e‐commerce transactions when asked to register yet another ID and password.

These statistics clearly highlight the urgent need for a more convenient and secure online and mobile authentication process. G&D has a track record of successfully implementing mobile authentication solutions – with one outstanding example the provisioning and operating of a national wireless PKI service for Norway’s Telenor for more than a decade.

Licentio ID, a proven success

The solution is G&D’s Licentio ID, a system based on the global GSMA’s Mobile Connect specifications, which has the aim of enabling MNOs across the globe to provide SIM‐based mobile authentication to the digital society. This universal login solution allows users to log on to their favorite websites and apps without the rigmarole of remembering those “25 passwords”, safe in the knowledge that their personal data is secure. Therefore, when using G&D’s Licentio ID, instead of online authentication underpinned by the aforementioned passwords, it is based on authenticated details as a registered customer of a mobile network operator.

MNOs at Heart of Licentio ID

OTTs (basically, third parties that offer services, such as instant messaging and video calling) can also be a threat to the unfettered MNO‐customer relationship, though – again – Licentio ID can assist by providing SIM‐centric, mobile‐based authentication, consequently transforming MNOs into consumer ID providers. The whole process of online authentication is subsequently simplified and much more convenient due to customers only having to provide their details once. All the data is then securely stored on a protected server set up by the mobile network operator. The result is that entry to the web is simple and safe.

Taken to its logical conclusion, Licentio ID’s one‐step authentication process allows MNOs to provide customers with greater support, such as with age verification or data sharing requests. This means MNOs have the potential to become key enablers and facilitators, placing themselves again at the heart of their customers’ digital life.

Licentio ID focuses on creating universal trust for MNOs and their customers. Underpinned by GSMA’s Mobile Connect specifications, it supports both MNOs and service providers, in the process strengthening relationships with subscribers.

Benefits of Licentio ID include:

For mobile network operators:

• New revenue streams

• Drives customer retention

• Capitalization of SIM cards

For service providers:

• Secure access to web services

• Easy customer enrolment

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