Mobile Connect: The Future of Mobile Authentication

25th June 2018

Mobile Connect: The Future of Mobile Authentication

Mobile Connect enables a seamless authentication process that removes the burden of managing multiple sets of credentials.

The world of information is connected by passwords. A set of credentials is the first line of defence to prevent unauthorized access to a website, a device, or a facility.

Somewhat ironically, such intricate network of interconnected devices provides many opportunities for intrusion.

Cybercrime is indeed a big business. Those engaged in such activity seek to profit from the appropriation and sale of personal, financial, or technical data to the highest bidder. Identity theft, for instance, ranks among the most widespread forms of cybercrime nowadays.

Additionally, Cybercrime can have grave consequences on those affected, both in financial and reputation terms. Juniper Research predicts that the total cost of data breaches will reach $2.1tn globally by the year 2019.

It is clear that a robust and secure but also convenient method to protect our digital identity is needed.

GSMA’s Mobile Connect initiative is designed with the specific purpose of protecting digital identities, providing a suite of security products designed to protect you, and your digital identity.

What is Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect introduces a secure and universal login solution whose centerpiece is a mobile phone.

The technology matches the user to their mobile phone number, enabling the end user to access online services.

Mobile Connect is a new standard framework in digital authentication that removes the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Mobile Connect enables customers to have:

  • Simple and secure access through any device (smartphones, tablet, or PC)
  • Control over what personal information is shared
  • No more multiple usernames and passwords


  • G+D Mobile ID Suite solution covers the backend server and the client (SIM applet, WIB or SW Application).
  • The solution can be operated either on customer premises or by G+D Mobile Security as a managed service.
  • Mobile Connect has become a popular choice for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), as it enables them to provide strong mobile authentication services.

G+D’s Mobile ID Suite

The proliferation of smartphones has risen exponentially in recent years.

This framework includes the Mobile ID Suite, a protocol that simplifies the current online authentication process by channeling security through your mobile phone.

Rough estimates indicate that over a third of the world’s population owns a smartphone. We rely on these devices for pretty much everything these days, perhaps too much. Still, we mind and protect our smartphone as if it were an integral part of ourselves.

It’s this very trait that makes a mobile phone the perfect candidate to become the lynchpin of our digital identity.

How Mobile ID Works

The process for the end user is straightforward.

1. User enters their mobile phone number on the login portal and presses the Mobile Connect button.

2. User either presses OK on their mobile phone, or enters a PIN code, depending on the required level of security of the application.

3. If authentication is successful, access is granted.

The technology behind Mobile ID

While the front end for the user is simple, the underlying technology that enables this simplicity is far more complex.

The solution is based on OpenID Connect, a widely used open‐source technology protocol.

Mobile ID utilises two different channels for the communication between the Suite and the end user.

The first channel runs via the internet, where users identify themselves with a username. The actual identity verification, however, is performed by an application on the mobile phone and validated by the mobile ID backend/server. No personal data is shared without the customer’s permission.

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