The Cost of Not Knowing – How MNOs Can Unlock Hidden Revenue Potential

10th April 2016

The Cost of Not Knowing – How MNOs Can Unlock Hidden Revenue Potential

A key element to long‐term sustainability for mobile network operators is to use customer data mining in order to improve performances. G&D’s Mobile Analytics is a prime driver in increasing revenues and reducing risky investments – it is based on an outstanding database, which carries out real‐time analytics.

In a digital world where the number of connected objects is exploding, data and the capacity to extract valuable information for your business is a key advantage. G&D’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems provide numerous solutions for MNOs, with Mobile Analytics one of the most important. G&D’s Mobile Analytics takes MNOs to the heart of their customers’ mobile habits, thereby, opening up possibilities to increase revenues and keep their subscriber bases satisfied.

On the way to success

The prerequisite for detailed insights into a range of data is the capability of a well‐maintained system, and recognition of themultitude of different handsets on the market, or more technically called, the Technical Capability repository (TCR). The G&D database has more than 28,000 models, around 1,300 device vendors and holds a 99‐percent recognition rate – with monthly updates.

The Cost of Not Knowing

The benefits for MNOs

Want to know more about a subscriber profile? How beneficial would it be to an MNO to know that perhaps 55 percent of their female subscribers respond to mobile campaigns. The result would be future targeted campaigns and raising revenues. MNOs can learn how many and which of their subscribers use iPhones, for example, and then direct offers that might fit them best. In addition, they can find out about how many of their customers’ smartphones are enabled for LTE connectivity.

Similarly, gaining knowledge of the amount of traffic usage for each subscriber, roaming behavior, whether they use a wallet application and various other data can help an MNO optimize services and offers. Unnecessary investments can be avoided based on insights into networks (device capabilities, for example).

Of course, each MNO and each region will come up with different statistics and data, and use it in a way that best suits them. But what is very clear is that the most successful MNOs now and in the future will be those with the deepest knowledge base of their customers’ mobile usage and habits.

As we have seen, this information – provided by Mobile Analytics and integral to G&D’s mobile device management system – is a treasure trove. Whether through promoting new services or fine‐tuning investments, the potential for raising revenues is clear.

In the IoT world, mobile analytics could in the future help MNOs to harness a world of opportunities. In addition, it can help them to offer dedicated services to enterprises and OEMs in order to offer an enhanced customer experience.

The Best‐In Class Mobile Analytics Platform

MNOs working with G&D get the best support and performance:

  • 99% device reconition rate
  • G&D’s TCR (Terminal Capabilities Repository) identifies more than 28,000 unique devices
  • Devices come from more than 1,300 unique device vendors
  • Around 4,500 new models are added every year

Better Business Decisions

G&D Mobile Device Management systems and Mobile Analytics provide real‐time device management. Combined, they are powerful tools for improving business decision by data mining key information. This includes:

  • Device capabilities
  • Location
  • Subscriber group
  • Data usage
  • Subscriber behaviour
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