World’s First Solid‐State Drive with Embedded Secure Elements

18th May 2018

World’s First Solid‐State Drive with Embedded Secure Elements

G+D Mobile Security Launches World’s first SSD with an embedded Secure Element (eSE) to Store Critical Data.

Maximum security

With its recent launch of CryptoCore SSD, G+D Mobile Security has made a decisive step in ensuring maximum, tamper‐proof security of data stored on an SSD. Launched at February’s Embedded World event in Nuremberg, Germany, CryptoCore SSD is the world’s very first Solid State Drive (SSD) with an embedded Secure Element (eSE).

Storing sensitive data

CryptoCore SSD allows users to store sensitive and confidential data at the highest security level possible, with the embedded Secure Element ensuring that sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized applications and people. “It’s all about managing identities, G+D Mobile Security claims“, says Jens Kulikoswki, Senior Product Manager IoT & Industry 4.0.

Cyber Security Division, headquarter in Munich/Germany. „CryptoCore SSD makes it possible to cater people’s need to have control about their personal data. They feel: ‚My data is mine and should be protected by my identity’. And that’s exactly what CryptoCore SSD delivers.“

IT security requires transparency, which is what CryptoCore SSD can do.

Tamper‐proof chip

CryptoCore SSD works by storing sensitive and confidential data on a tamper‐proof chip embedded in the SSD. Critical data is, therefore, separated from conventional user data. This in turn means that the risk of using “infected” non‐critical data to gain access to, or manipulate, security‐relevant data is significantly reduced – and this is all done without any extra effort on the part of the user.

Practical applications

CryptoCore SSD is a certifiable and standardized component that benefits from several practical applications. Typical users and applications can be found in the health sector, such as by doctors in private practice and hospitals. Other examples are in the aerospace industry, legal services, such as lawyers, and patent offices, as well as all other security‐driven industries.

CryptoCore SSD has further advantages in that it is centrally manageable, and it receives regular and long‐time updates of the embedded Secure Element. This results in lower ownership and maintenance costs at the same time as increasing the system lifecycle.

Technical features CryptoCore SSD

  • M.2 (Key B) interface commonly used in industrial applications. M.2 is a specification for internally mounted computer expansion cards and associated connectors.
  • G+D’s JavaCard‐based smart card operating system Sm@rtCafé Expert 7.0, which supports a wide range of crypto features such as AES, RSA, elliptic curves, and SHA 512.
  • For increased robustness and protection against environmental influences, the modules are epoxy resin coated (black).
  • CryptoCore SSD is compatible with MS Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS and various smartcard middleware products.
  • Certified production in Germany ensures a high product quality.
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