Main Challenges for Device Makers

30th May 2018

Main Challenges for Device Makers

Discover why securing identities is key for device makers.

In the age of mobility, users store extensive amounts of sensitive data on their mobile devices. Whether it’s private data such as bank details and photo albums, or business data such as online access to company networks and applications, the risk of device theft or cyberattacks is high. Just to give you an idea: 70 million smartphones are lost or stolen each year and only 7 percent are recovered.

Wanted: state‐of‐the‐art security and a seamless integration

To win new customers and stand out from the competition, device makers need to offer more than just world‐class hardware to deliver a comprehensive positive and secure user experience. Device makers must therefore offer their customers not only the latest technology and new sleek features, but also state‐of‐the‐art security and a seamless integration with new services to earn their loyalty and trust. Device makers must be aware of these concerns and back their hardware with matching services and software that provide excellent security – because features alone are no longer the winning differentiator.

Increasing risk of data and equipment theft

It is impossible to imagine our professional and private life without mobile devices. There are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide already today. But as the number of mobile devices grows, so does the risk of data and equipment theft. This development presents device makers with major challenges, which they will only be able to overcome by offering innovative secure services in addition to their hardware for a smooth and convenient end user experience.

Check out the infographic and find out what key challenges and drivers are influencing  the mobile device industry. You are welcome to talk to our experts to see how we can help you turn challenges into opportunities!

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