A Turning Point in Fighting Cybercrime?

23rd November 2017

A Turning Point in Fighting Cybercrime?

The WannaCry attack highlights the danger of cybercrime. G+D Mobile Security offers pioneering security solutions to protect companies focusing on digitalization.

The widespread disruption caused by the WannaCry attack earlier this year highlights the fact that cyber risks have to be taken much more seriously. The pace of digitalisation is rapidly increasing and this means cybercrime will continue to be an ongoing problem for individuals, businesses, and governments.
The WannaCry attack sent shock waves through all sections of society, from governments downwards, and proved just how vulnerable some of us are to cyberattacks. Experts in cybersecurity have long been aware of the dangers, but the majority of people still don’t understand the potential for disruptive threats. But security challenges shouldn’t impede progress. Businesses still need to focus on their vitally important digital strategies, simply because our increasingly connected society demands it. In order to feel confident in their digital future, they need to know they have reliable partners to help keep them safe.
G+D Mobile Security has pioneered security solutions to protect businesses, their machines, and data for years, and is at the forefront of providing the most up‐to‐date and robust cybersecurity solutions.

No one should postpone digitalization because of security concerns, because at some point it will be too late.

– Dr. Christian Schläger, Head of Cybersecurity at G+D Mobile Security

The challenge for Industry 4.0

An intelligent digital strategy takes into account both the necessity and advantages of digitalization while at the same time being proactive in making the best provisions available for cybersecurity. Germany’s Industry 4.0, for example, is a comprehensive strategy to embrace the future, specifically, digitalisation. Unfortunately, however, some companies are making the mistake of delaying their Industry 4.0 strategy because of well‐founded cybersecurity fears. But being left behind in industrial digitalisation is even riskier. Dr. Christian Schläger, Head of Cybersecurity at G+D Mobile Security warns against this approach: “No one should postpone digitalization because of security concerns, because at some point it will be too late. Our solutions provide the required machine visibility, process transparency, and secure communication, meaning that Industry 4.0 functions in a responsible way.”

Start with Secure Industrial Visibility

G+D Mobile Security’s cyber solutions are multifaceted, and a good place to start is its Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) technology. Behind it is a smart box with a secure operating system and a piece of software that enables remote access to individual machines while also protecting them against cyberattacks. “SIV makes it possible to segment machines – that is, to properly encapsulate them using a firewall,” explains Schläger. “This machine, which is now smart, enables updates, predictive maintenance, and the detection of anomalies. ”A company protected by SIV can recognize if there is unauthorized access by learning to distinguish between normal access and unusual traffic. This works with Anomaly Detection System (ADS), self‐learning technology that monitors and reports abnormal system behaviour. If the system has been compromised in some way, an alert will be sent to the responsible people. Moreover, the spread from the initially infected system to other computers, equipment, and devices can now be effectively prevented by “Active Cyber Protection” and common IT security systems.

Secure Networking for Connected Cars

There are increasing numbers of connected cars being developed by manufacturers and matching numbers of consumers demanding up‐to‐date connected vehicles: approximately 43 million connected cars are estimated to be on the roads in 2017, and this number will rise to more than 190 million by 2021.

G+D Mobile Security is, of course, also at the forefront of developing cybersecurity solutions in this fast‐developing realm of connected cars. Machine‐to‐machine communication has boosted the development of autonomous driving, and intelligent fleet management and automatic emergency calls are just a couple of the many intelligent features in connected cars. Indeed, new cars in the European Union have to have an eCall function from 2018, enabled for automatic calls for assistance in the event of an accident. Consequently, because making an eCall requires a cell phone connection, every car also has to have the relevant connected technology. G+D Mobile Security developed technology in this area that makes the process simpler and more secure. G+D Mobile Security’s eSIM management allows car manufacturers to install a fixed, neutral SIM card ex‐works, which can then be personalized for the network operator. This technology reduces costs substantially because it is no longer necessary to process a variety of network operator SIMs. eSIM management enables updating and changing network operators for entire fleets through remote access. BMW, for example, was one of the first manufacturers to put this system in place, and its connected vehicles have been equipped with the technology since 2016.

As well as eSIM management, G+D Mobile Security has developed Automotive Security Gateway (ASG), a secure communication path for sending data to and from cars. In the field of telematics this is vitally important and ASG will secure cars by preventing unauthorized access to data, as well as by preventing potential hacker attacks.

Connected cars on roads: 43 million in 2017; by 2021 more than 190 million

A turning point?

Countless cyberattacks, including WannaCry, in recent years highlight the dangers of ignoring or postponing cybersecurity issues. Can WannaCry be the attack that changes the public perception of the potential dangers of cybercrime? If we’ve reached a turning point, individuals, businesses, and governments need to radically transform how they respond. Enacting proactive policies to combat cybercrime combined with high‐technology solutions needs to happen now. Waiting is not an option, nor is it a smart business decision. G+D Mobile Security has a comprehensive cutting‐edge cybercrime security portfolio. Its SIV solution offers active cyber protection for industries and ensures that its partners have the best possible protection against the world’s next WannaCry – or equivalent – attack. Likewise, in the field of connected cars, G+D Mobile Security eSIM management and Automotive Security Gateway lead the way in protecting our identity and our data. A genuine turning point in the aftermath of the likes of WannaCry would result in a greater focus on cybercrime and cybersecurity – and this would make the future of digitalization a brighter one.

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