Best Emerging & Disruptive Platform

7th April 2016

Best Emerging & Disruptive Platform

G&D was the delighted recipient of a special award that reflects the impact the company has had – and will continue to have – in the category of Best Emerging Disruptive Technology/Platform.

The Juniper Research Future Digital Awards in the fields of technology and innovations are eagerly awaited each year, with the movers and shakers across the industry hoping to be named best in their category. And with the Secure Industry Visibility solution, G&D was on to a winner – the hard work and innovative thinking of G&D employees paid off as Juniper Research awarded it the Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Product Prize for 2016.

The Secure Industry Visibility solution comprises numerous components across the industrial remote management process that sets up a tunnel between two end points without the need for specific client software. All clients need is a web browser on the host side, which then receives a secure ID and IP address not visible on the Internet. Juniper Research is a research and analytical company that provides services (reports, commentary and consultancy) to the hi‐tech communications sector across the world. With a panel of industry experts judging the merits of each entrant in a number of categories, competition was hot. Therefore, as outlined by Stefan Auerbach, Group Executive Mobile Security at G&D, the award is “an excellent acknowledegment for our ongoing efforts to pave the way to Industry 4.0 for our clients. We are proud and honored that this has been awarded with one of the prestigious Juniper Awards. Our Secure Industrial Visibility solution supports industry information technology with high‐end security as well as secure machine service and maintenance management for existing and upcoming production infrastructure.”

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