Secure Industrial Visibility Protects Industry 4.0

15th February 2017

Secure Industrial Visibility Protects Industry 4.0

Connected machines require proactive service: G+D Mobile Security now offers a solution for remote management and machine protection against cyber threats.

The rapid digitalisation of industry shows no sign of abating, and if anything the pace of change is increasing. This is opening up countless exciting opportunities for optimisation and innovations that industry is keen to take advantage of. However, it also raises the spectre of increased industrial espionage and cyber attacks, which means that the digitalisation of industry has to be accompanied by a robust integrated security concept.

The notion of a more digitalised manufacturing industry was conceived by a German government initiative – labelled Industry 4.0 – in order to better facilitate the intelligent interaction between production, logistics and customers. The aim was to create a more efficient industrial landscape.

While digitalisation and innovations in machine‐to‐machine technology mean that Industry 4.0 is in the process of being realised, the lines of defence have to be ahead of the game. In response to high‐security demands, our Secure Industrial Visibility solution sets up a secure tunnel between two end points. It has several key technological features, and as well as high‐level security, it has remote machine management. Rather than requiring a VPN connection, the  solution has transparent and fine granular access control (in near real time), plus host compliance checks. All the customer needs is a standard Internet browser in order for it to function. Ease of use combined with exceptional security is also provided in G+D Mobile Security’s CPS (cyber‐physical system) Secure Cloud via the company’s high‐secure data centre in Munich. This comes with a number of security measures that range from firewalls to intrusion detection systems.

CPS Security Portal is the gateway to remote services on the CPS Secure Cloud and it is protected with two‐factor authentication. Additionally, CPS Protect has been specifically designed for a fully networked security solution for industrial systems. The benefits of the Secure Industrial Visibility solution are multifaceted. It reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO), for example by minimising the need for investment in extra security expertise. Companies can manage multiple sites via the cloud‐based platform, and they can provide secure and remote access for staff. The system also enables system monitoring and feedback reporting.

Industry 4.0 is already engendering positive results, highlighted by the increased digitalisation of manufacturing processes. Of course, there is much work to be done in order for its full potential to be realised. However, as it develops and expands, security concomitantly needs to develop. With its high‐security features and remote access, our Secure Industrial Visibility solution ensures that industry is protected from espionage and cyber attacks, at the same time as providing wide‐ranging performance‐related benefits.

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