Best Secure Payment Card Award 2018

29th June 2018

Best Secure Payment Card Award 2018

G+D Mobile Security China won “Best Secure Payment Card” at the ICMA’s 2018 awards, plus were nominated Second Finalist in “Best Secure Payment Card” and the Unique Innovation Award.

The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), a global trade association for card manufacturers, personalizers, issuers and suppliers, recently announced the winners of the 2018 Élan Awards for Card Manufacturing Excellence. The awards honor world‐class achievements in card design, technological innovation and other categories. G+D Mobile Security China featured prominently in the awards with the following innovative card products:

1. Winner “Best Secure Payment Award”

Best Secure Payment Card Awars 2018
The Industrial and Commercial Bank launched its China’s Celestial Constellation Card in 2017 specially designed for young bankers. Each card carries one of 12 constellations artistically drawn on a black background, created by combining fine‐carving and a hollow‐out technique with precision ironing, giving each card a simple yet sophisticated look. The fine‐carving and hollow‐out technique is a major development from traditional manufacturing processes. It blends with the printed text, giving the pattern a sense of depth – while users can also have cards customized on order.

2. Second Finalist “Best Secure Payment Card Award”

Best Secure Payment Card Award 2018 2

China Minsheng Bank and the Forbidden City Culture Center joined forces to issue a series of UnionPay credit cards printed with paintings themed on the Forbidden City. The idea of the Yongzheng Emperor Card is to give card users a unique experience of carrying the Forbidden City in their pocket. The card’s design is based on a portrait of Emperor Yongzheng that is on original display in the Forbidden City Palace Museum. The bank has creatively used thin silk as the principal material in fabricating the card. Silk signifies nobleness and elegance; and thin silk was historically used for writing poems, creating art works, and writing literary and religious scriptures.

Leading market share in the field of China’s financial payment IC cards

3. Second Finalist “Unique Innovation Award”

Best Secure Payment Card Award 2018 3

After the release of the movie “Despicable Me 3”, Bank of China and Universal Studios co‐branded the Minions series of credit cards, which became very popular among fans. The gold card selects Stuart as its main image design, which involved a brand‐new technique to paint his eye: the 3D winks technique. A 3D printing technique is used on the optical frames of the eye, so that the layer of the card is richer and has a deep 3D appeal, making the eye appear lifelike, comical and full of excitement. Mr. Xiao Wei, managing director of G+D Mobile Security China, explained that the company has “maintained a leading market share in the field of China’s financial payment IC cards, and the proportion of mid‐ to high‐end products in the business has been continuously improved.” He pointed to how “decades of experience in payment card design and manufacturing have enabled us to master certain market trends and continue to meet the needs of the cardholders.”

More information about G+D card offerings you find here.

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