Smart Band Powered by G&D Technology

19th October 2016

Smart Band Powered by G&D Technology

The launch of a new smart band in China has proved to be popular. That the smart band can fulfil a range of online and offline financial transactions is one of the reasons.

G&D is a central partner in the Xing Power UnionPay credit card project initiated by Industrial Bank, China UnionPay and Coodon. At a recent event in Shanghai, these partners presented their first wearable product, the Jie Pai smart band, which comes with banking and payment functions, both of which are supported by G&D technology. The Jie Pai is already becoming increasingly popular as a wearable device for its capability to record real‐time data about the exercise wearers take and the calories they sweat off. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of social media features and it can be connected to mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Financial Transactions

But of equal significance is that it also has an integrated financial‐level smart card chip, which provides a multitude of services for both issuers and users. Underpinned by Bluetooth 4.0, the band has two payment possibilities, online and offline, a contactless module for an IC card and an independent secure element (SE). As an offline financial IC card, it takes on the role of a contactless channel so users can complete financial transactions. As for online payments, for instance, e‐purse top‐up via bluetooth and the mobile app only are required. In the future, more TSM services will be added to the smart band.

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