Securing End‐to‐End Data Protection for NB‐IoT Networks

5th April 2018

Securing End‐to‐End Data Protection for NB‐IoT Networks

At this year‘s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many visitors were very keen on becoming more familiar with G+D Mobile Security’s solution for secure end‐to‐end data protection in NB‐IoT networks. The Mobile Network Operators and IoT Enterprises see large benefits with this “Industry First Solution” for Mobile IoT (MIoT).

G+D Mobile Security is a driver and supporter of the Narrow Band‐IoT (NB‐IoT) market by providing an innovative data security solution G+D does this by providing secure end‐to‐end NB‐IoT data protection that is independent of any network security mechanism or additional cryptographic hardware that would raise the bill‐of‐material (BOM) of cost‐sensitive IoT devices. The result is that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), application providers and end customers alike benefit from this new approach to IoT data security.

Benefits of NB‐IoT at a glance

Securing end to end data protection

Why is this interesting for an MNO?

With much discussion surrounding NB‐IoT security standards, G+D Mobile Security provides MNOs and application providers with a full end‐to‐end secured network and data communication implementation. For MNOs, the self‐contained, low‐dependency SIM‐based solution is a faster, easier and cheaper way to introduce NB‐IoT security – in contrast to outfitting or modifying the MNO core network. The complete solution is based on G+D Mobile Security’s IoT SIM card the IoT Advance S a secure client application and an end‐to‐end secure server. Key is that the encryption key derivation and management in the secure element SIM eliminates any redesign of the NB‐IoT device circuit board.

No need for individual solutions

For application providers, G+D Mobile Security’s security solution is significantly cheaper and faster than redesigning, remanufacturing and replacing existing NB‐IoT devices. Relying on the security‐by‐design, NB‐IoT SIM technology eliminates the need for each application provider to introduce individual, uncoordinated and disjointed security solutions. In addition, application providers can be sure that data transmitted over an MNO NB‐IoT network are fully secure, tamper‐proof and not readable by anyone else.

Eliminating risks for consumers

It is not, however, just MNOs and application providers who reap the benefits. For consumers, the solution offers protection from rogue attackers intent on forging sensor data from IoT devices or on sending illegitimate commands to take control of IoT devices for criminal intentions.

NB‐IoT: Where to use it

Securing end to end data protection 2

Fast time to market and roll‐out in support of GSMA industry standards
The plug‐and‐play SIM‐based solution is pre‐integrated with major NB‐IoT module makers; the concept does not require any changes to core network nodes; and it can be deployed today in any NB‐IoT network anywhere. G+D Mobile Security works to support the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, even the easiest to develop type of Endpoint device must behave in a reliable, high quality, and secure manner because it is expected to participate in a network that could eventually span up to millions of devices in size.

The IoT  Advance S card

The IoT Advance S card

For more details on the Securing End‐to‐End Data Protection for NB‐IoT Networks and various other NB‐IoT Service offerings, please get in touch with, +4989 4119 2300.

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