Embark on the Identity Journey

13th February 2017

Embark on the Identity Journey

When billions of people connect with untold billions of interconnected machines and devices, all of their identities, connections, transfers and data must be optimally managed and protected at all times.

Consumers demand smart features, ubiquitous access and seamless convenience – but none of them matter if security isn‘t guaranteed because trust is the hard currency of the future. It‘s the foundation the entire digital world is built on. As billions join the connected society, the rules of business are also changing. This transformation is not limited to a few sectors – numbers prove that it‘s happening across all branches of industry, from banks and financial institutions over device manufacturers and network operators all the way to carmakers and industrial machine‐builders. This  “4th industrial revolution” is also challenging enterprises’ ability to securely handle the identities of people and machines.

Embark on the identity journal

Around 28 billion digitally connected devices are predicted by 2021. It is vital to ensure everyone’s digital journey’s is securely managed through every step of their online activities.  From onboarding new customers quickly to then providing them with the appropriate level of services. To then providing secure usage, with effective management of the services delivered, and finally ensuring it is successfully disconnected when the service is completed. Whatever sector you‘re in, a commitment to strong identity management is never a single action and always an ongoing journey. Providing robust security is therefore the very first order of business for any enterprise that wants to showcase itself as a credible partner that deserves the trust of its customers.

We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain

– Stephen Hawking

Even if the connected society requires you to always properly manage and protect user and device identities, you don‘t have to become an expert in identity management to succeed. G+D Mobile Security’s decades of experience make us the perfect partner for all businesses that want to concentrate on offering the best products, services and experiences possible.  We are covering every step of your identity journey to make sure that your digital transformation is as seamless and secure as it can be.

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